Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Its still the same.

I recently turned 16 and my life still sucks.
I am bored the whole day No chance at all. :| Its so frustrating .I am sick and tired of this "fucked up place " where I live. People just don't have a happy life here they pretend as if they are really happy. BITCHING ABOUT EACH OTHER AND TALKING SHIT IS WHAT THEY DO FOR FUN.
I Was in a big mess last year and now I am completely out of it. People should understand and try to think at the same time. I am not good fine. I can't be perfect cause I am not "GOD". I know I am talking like a pessimist now but still people should deal with it.
My exams are still going on and I wanna fun away from my exams. I have got "Hindi" tomorrow and i hate this feeling.
I wanted to go for a trip but unfortunately now i cant because I have got my board exams from march and I have to prepare for that. I effing hate it. :|
I hate I enjoy my Puja holidays from 30th. I want a change!!
I miss going out with my friends,goofing around,talking rubbish,going for sleepovers,morning walks and everything else.
I want to it back. 16 means happiness for me. but its proving me wrong now. :P

Well well!!
I promise I shall change everything because this is my last year with all my childhood friends.
I Love all of them . :)
Sweet sixteen start acting good. I will start loving you too. :P


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