Thursday, 27 October 2011

                              Priyam gifted me this hamster. ^_^

Thursday, 29 September 2011

                                            ADDICTED !!

Monday, 26 September 2011

                                                  Shinchan - I made this weirdo. :P

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Its been a long time !!
Its 2:17 am and I am up for writing a blog. ^^]
I have maths exam tomorrow and Im "very" tensed not even sleepy can't practice more of maths sums.
Well I not tat all excited for my maths exam! Im dead "SCARED".
Listening to Chris brown right now and he's just awesome. I am trying to relax. :P
Winter's coming yayy!! atlas I cant wait for winter and wear winter clothes. (Fav part)
I am waiting for you winter my love. :P
I can't wait for my cousins to come over and have fun.
New year party and Christmas party. FOOD!!
Heavy mischief everything. Excited.Winter clothes. xD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Its still the same.

I recently turned 16 and my life still sucks.
I am bored the whole day No chance at all. :| Its so frustrating .I am sick and tired of this "fucked up place " where I live. People just don't have a happy life here they pretend as if they are really happy. BITCHING ABOUT EACH OTHER AND TALKING SHIT IS WHAT THEY DO FOR FUN.
I Was in a big mess last year and now I am completely out of it. People should understand and try to think at the same time. I am not good fine. I can't be perfect cause I am not "GOD". I know I am talking like a pessimist now but still people should deal with it.
My exams are still going on and I wanna fun away from my exams. I have got "Hindi" tomorrow and i hate this feeling.
I wanted to go for a trip but unfortunately now i cant because I have got my board exams from march and I have to prepare for that. I effing hate it. :|
I hate I enjoy my Puja holidays from 30th. I want a change!!
I miss going out with my friends,goofing around,talking rubbish,going for sleepovers,morning walks and everything else.
I want to it back. 16 means happiness for me. but its proving me wrong now. :P

Well well!!
I promise I shall change everything because this is my last year with all my childhood friends.
I Love all of them . :)
Sweet sixteen start acting good. I will start loving you too. :P


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

 This was clicked while i was click pictures for my new look "sun-kissed". But I didn't use thsi for my look. 
                                                 Let me be me!
                                        When I hear this song it  Makes me fell fresh . :D


Life is all about choices. The things you want and the things you don't want in your life.
There are lots of things which your force to accept or forced to make a choice. The UNWANTED things in your life.
All the Unwanted  things tries hard to mess up your life and make it hell. But then you learn how to deal with it. People judge you with these terms'Good and Bad' Which I REALLY DON'T AGREE!
People much judge each other by their feels or nature towards each other not by what they do or they have done This is my prospective . There are of people who have done many bad things but they tried to improve and now they are happy and fine. But people tend to ignore them. I think They should ignore them because tehy are treating them as unwanted.
 I am Unwanted but I am better then the ones who tries to Judge me !


                                      I can fly. :D

Friday, 9 September 2011

Up coming flop show! x|

My sixteenth?
yes a up coming flop show!
All because of 10th grade exams!!

SWEET SIXTEEN is turning into a disaster!
GOD is so unfair 
10TH GRADE you suck. Seriously needs to get a freaking LIFE!

So Not happy sweet sixteen birthday to me. :'(


Monday, 5 September 2011

 Song for the night. YOU AND I my latest obsession.
GAGA you are awesome. all hail gaga. 

Bunny's fifteenth .

 Bunny's fifteen b'day. Our group. We look funny but happy.  Had lost of fun on 4th September. :P
Ankur is missing here and then our group is complete. :D

Happy Birthday female bunny. xD

P.S  i am sorry for stealing this picture from your profile kid.

Geek and weirdo looks but I love my spectacles. FOREVER

  Yeah I got new spectacles . YES I LOOK OLD. but still I love it.
Its 2:17 am and I look like a zombie. NO SLEEP. insomnia yay so not fun.

P.s. Ignore My face expression.


Boredom Can make you do lot of things. xD

It is 2:00am and I am still not sleepy.  What is it  ? Insomnia? o.O
Well I have go school tomorrow and I am still awake. Gotta do math early morning.(worst part)
Im dead Bored! Lord save me now. So Im listening to YOU and I by lady gaga and I am so obsessed with that song.
AND I don't know what should I blog about. Boring day boring and frustrated life. HELL YEAH!! I am A BORING KID! :|
That was too much  suppose. It was teachers day yesterday and I didn't go to school for the 3day ( continuous).
Yes My  life is not that boring . xD
And yes how can I forget  Bunny's 15th birthday. It was fun with all my friends and crackers. xD

So now I am bored writing this whole lot of things and I better shut up and go off to sleep.
So even god is sad to see me bored and started crying. ( It is raining.)

Hope people don't get bored like ME.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Heard this song the other day And im total in love with this song.  If you listen to this song it feels as if you are flying . actually that is exactly how i feel. My taste of music has changed recently. I am in love with rock,indie-pop and etc. Hell yeah I like this kinda music.

This Is what I do when I am dead bored. :P
Picasion helped me make this weird animation which is actually fun at times.

Exams knocking on the door but I am still on with SURFING THE NET. teehee
Yeah I still study at times Im not so bad . xD
How you all like it.
Thank you.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lemon story. (Diary)

                                      Well LIFE is all about how you want to take things Good or bad both of them is going to effects you.

                                                Sometimes even lemons can make you happy And as well as make your mouth shut.