Monday, 5 September 2011

Boredom Can make you do lot of things. xD

It is 2:00am and I am still not sleepy.  What is it  ? Insomnia? o.O
Well I have go school tomorrow and I am still awake. Gotta do math early morning.(worst part)
Im dead Bored! Lord save me now. So Im listening to YOU and I by lady gaga and I am so obsessed with that song.
AND I don't know what should I blog about. Boring day boring and frustrated life. HELL YEAH!! I am A BORING KID! :|
That was too much  suppose. It was teachers day yesterday and I didn't go to school for the 3day ( continuous).
Yes My  life is not that boring . xD
And yes how can I forget  Bunny's 15th birthday. It was fun with all my friends and crackers. xD

So now I am bored writing this whole lot of things and I better shut up and go off to sleep.
So even god is sad to see me bored and started crying. ( It is raining.)

Hope people don't get bored like ME.

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